Benny Sperling

Hi, I’m Benny Sperling! I’m a board game designer and I am passionate about playing, designing and reviewing tabletop games. I love how tabletop games bring people together and provide a space where they can communicate with others in a meaningful way.

I grew up frequently playing a variety of board games and puzzles. Many were those really early Ravensburger ones my parents bought at garage sales and auctions. I played Magic during my teens and early 20’s, and got into more modern board games and indie board games back in 2005 when friends introduced me to Munchkin and Settlers of Catan.

The more often I played board games and the more games I played, I started to think of different themes and mechanics. I started officially designing games in 2006. Most recently I had a successful Kickstarter campaign with Daft Concepts for my game, Yakitori.

The most recent games I’ve designed: Yakitori, ArchiWrecks, Pocket Pairs, Bones of the Caribbean

I live in Dallas, TX where I work in mental health counseling. My wife Jax is a successful chef and we have three wonderful kids.